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We operate from thirty years in the field of controlled demolition and construction.

We specialize in excavation and demolition special civil and industrial subsidiaries , we operate on Bari, Province and throughout the country . Our goal is to provide a precise and attentive to the needs of the customer in compliance with current safety regulations and standards that govern the various types of intervention

Thanks to the long experience in the field , the company is composed of highly qualified personnel in the activities of controlled demolition and logistics.

The company draws on the advice and collaboration of technical studies and planning with regard the processing of security plans for the demolition procedures .

In the field of controlled demolition , intervene without causing damage to surrounding structures , and in a short time allows the yard to reduce the time and cost . V -rex Demolition is a company that deals with the dismantling of concrete structures in both civil and industrial applications.

We carry out decommissioning of bridges, viaducts, warehouses , old buildings . The staff is able to demolish buildings without transmitting vibration to the adjacent buildings.